Welcome To My Sankalp Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd.  

My Sankalp family has products based on solar energy product  to save electricity (power saver) and also home appliances. Our company not only manufacture these products but also distributes as per demand from last 20 successful years.

Many years of experience in manufacturing and marketing and also with the help of vast knowledge in network marketing we are successfully managing the sector of manufacturing and marketing.

Power saver, products based on solar energy,  home appliances, herbal health products  and also Bio products for agricultural purpose are the specialised product manufactured and distributed by us through network marketing.

My Sankalp is a company which reaches to each and every person to provide them with job opportunities and financial prosperity .

Our company also has a plan of product base repurchase .

Power saver , solar related products, Bio product herbal health products, home appliances and all the basic products needed in day to day life are provided by our company. Our plans makes you take the almost benefits from our company and fulfill your dreams.

'Full stop is not the end because we can write a new sentence after it.'
Same in life.

Failure is not the real end,  it can be a real beginning of success, so lets begin the journey towards success with MY SANKALP FAMILY.